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Best Celebrity Text To Speech Ai Voice Generators

In the modern realm of audio technology, nothing has intrigued me, as well as other audio and video content creators, quite like the rise of celebrity AI voice generators. Over the past few years, I’ve tinkered with numerous tools, always on the hunt for the best celebrity AI voice generator. These tools offer an uncanny ability to mimic some of the most iconic voices we know. Personally, I’ve used them for a myriad of tasks — from enhancing personal projects to simply having a bit of fun with friends. While the potential applications are vast, it’s essential to understand these tools’ intricacies before diving deep. So, let’s embark on this enlightening journey together!

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Best celebrity AI voice generator
LOVO is a professional-grade content creation tool powered by Generative AI and text-to-speech technologies to create audio and videos for marketing, advertising, learning, and training. Read the full review.

What is a celebrity voice generator and changer?

what is a celebrity voice generator and changer?

In today’s digitized era, the allure of using text-to-speech celebrity voices is undeniable. At its core, this fascination revolves around tools known as celebrity voice generators and changers. These are sophisticated creations, employing the prowess of AI and deep learning to morph your voice, making you sound strikingly similar to renowned celebrities. Some of these tools find their home on mobile apps, while others have expanded their reach to PCs and online platforms. A quick distinction: the celebrity voice generator leans on deep learning for precise voice mimicry, while the celebrity voice changer offers a buffet of instant voice filters for playful parodies. Always remember, they’re for fun, not fraud.

How I picked and tested celebrity AI voice generators and changers

Navigating the vast sea of voice tools, I dipped my toes in both free versions and splurged on premium subscriptions. Through rigorous testing – tinkering, tweaking, and endless voice morphing – I’ve distilled the list to only the crème de la crème of what the market offers. Trust me, only the top contenders made the cut! That’s exactly what I’m about to introduce you to.

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Best celebrity AI voice generators

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LOVO – best overall

LOVO features

During my testing, I had a chance to try many artificial voice generators, but LOVO really stands out among them. That’s why I will start my product review with it. Billed as the best celebrity AI voice generator, I approached LOVO with a mix of excitement and skepticism. Here’s my take on it:

From the moment I accessed LOVO, the vast library of over 500 AI voices immediately impressed me. The diversity on offer here isn’t just about quantity – the quality of each voice, spanning across 100 languages, is remarkably lifelike. I often juggle projects catering to global audiences, so multilingual support is invaluable.

But the real gem is their Celebrity Voice Changer app. Want to surprise your audience with a video narrated in Peter Griffin’s iconic voice? Or maybe you fancy spicing up your content with some Ellen DeGeneres charm? It’s all possible here. As a test, I recorded a short script in my own voice and used LOVO to switch it to Kim Jong Un’s. The transformation was not only entertaining but shockingly accurate.

LOVO price

Price updated – 8/30/2023.

Beyond entertainment, I envisioned practical business applications. Imagine using a celebrity’s voice for engaging e-learning modules or adding a pinch of stardom to your business presentations. The potential is huge.

The video production application further sweetens the deal. Editing videos and synchronizing voiceovers used to be a separate, often tedious task for me. With LOVO, it’s all integrated, streamlining the process considerably.

When it comes to cost, the range of plans ensures flexibility for various users. While the free version gives a taste of LOVO’s potential, the Pro+ at $75/month unlocks advanced features for serious creators.


  • Expansive voice library: multilingual support with over 500 voices.
  • Hyper-realistic celebrity voices: adds a unique flair to content.
  • Integrated video production application: streamlines editing.


  • Cost: Pro+ version might be steep for some users.


MagicMic features

Diving into the realm of voice generators, my tryst with MagicMic was exciting. A direct competitor to LOVO, this tool promises a playground of voice effects and largely delivers on that front.

The initial allure of MagicMic lies in its real-time voice-changing capability. During my exploration, I quickly realized the advantage of this for avid gamers and live streamers. Engaging in different online games, I amused my squad by switching my voice to resemble famous celebrities on the fly. Not only did it add an element of surprise, but the seamless transition also made the gameplay immensely enjoyable.

Another noteworthy feature was the Voice Studio, which allowed me to fiddle with voice parameters and craft a distinct tone. When combined with over 225 voice filters, this personal touch opened up a world of creative possibilities. Podcasters, YouTubers, or even those dabbling in celebrity text-to-speech for fun can leverage this feature for content diversification.

MagicMic price

Price updated – 8/30/2023.

Comparatively, while LOVO focuses heavily on high-fidelity, realistic voices, and integrated video tools, MagicMic shines with its real-time applications and its sheer variety of effects. The compatibility across various platforms, including Discord and Fortnite, gives it an edge for the gaming community.

In terms of cost, MagicMic offers value. The lifetime access priced at $49.99 seems like a steal, given its plethora of features. Licensing is transparent, with perks such as a 30-day money-back guarantee and free lifetime updates ensuring user satisfaction and long-term commitment.

However, juxtaposing it with LOVO, MagicMic lags a tad in voice realism, especially when aiming for true celebrity mimicry. LOVO’s dedication to perfecting this niche gives it an edge, making it the top choice for those who prioritize authenticity.


  • Real-time voice alteration: perfect for live gaming or streaming sessions.
  • Expansive voice filters: over 225 filters provide unmatched variety.
  • Cost-effective plans: affordable with a one-time lifetime purchase option.


  • Voice authenticity: falls slightly short in delivering true-to-life celebrity voices compared to LOVO.


PlayHT features

Embarking on a voyage with PlayHT was akin to stepping into a vast library, where every shelf boasted a unique voice, each distinct from the last. With a collection of 800 AI voices spanning over 130 languages, it truly felt like a global voice expedition.

As I waded through PlayHT’s offerings, the Voice Generation feature caught my attention. Inputting a script was straightforward, but the magic unfurled when I simply input a website URL and let the platform fetch the content for voiceover. Picture this: do you have a favorite blog post or news article? PlayHT effortlessly transforms it into an engaging auditory experience.

PlayHT price

Price updated – 8/30/2023.

However, the jewel in PlayHT’s crown is the realistic voice cloning. Experimenting with this, I was transported to an audiobook universe. The potential for podcasters, video game creators, or even budding audiobook narrators is immense. This software bridges the gap between text and speech, making content accessible and enjoyable.

Pricing-wise, PlayHT offers an array of tiers, ensuring flexibility for both occasional users and seasoned professionals.

Drawing parallels, PlayHT distinguishes itself with its vast voice library and cloning finesse. While LOVO stands out for its impeccable voice realism and MagicMic for real-time gaming applications, PlayHT finds its niche catering to those craving variety and audiobook-style renditions.


  • Mammoth voice collection: a veritable smorgasbord of voices to explore.
  • Realistic voice cloning: brilliant for immersive auditory experiences.
  • URL input feature: instantly voice web-based content.


  • Interface complexity: takes longer to master compared to some peers.
  • Comparative realism: though expansive, the voice quality can sometimes fall short of LOVO’s realism.


ElevenLabs features

Diving into ElevenLabs felt akin to a musical maestro’s workshop. Here, voices weren’t just read out loud – they were crafted, shaped, and infused with emotions that brought words to life. With 28 languages available, it felt like a harmonious chorus from around the globe, all conducted by cutting-edge technology.

My first brush with their voice generation illuminated their standout feature: emotional richness. Imagine listening to a thrilling story where the AI narrator perfectly captures suspense, pausing appropriately, emphasizing certain words, and making the narrative pulse with life. The platform’s ability to adjust the pausing depending on the cadence and emotion of the text was something I hadn’t encountered in this nuanced form elsewhere.

Another exciting avenue I explored was their voice creation. While voice cloning is becoming a common feature in many AI voice platforms, ElevenLabs uses generative AI technology to birth entirely new synthetic voices. I played around with this feature and was fascinated by the unique tonal qualities and characteristics of these freshly minted voices.

ElevenLabs price

ElevenLabs price list

Price updated – 8/30/2023.

Regarding costs, ElevenLabs offers a spectrum of plans, starting from a hobbyist-friendly free tier to enterprise plans that cater to more significant business needs. Each tier seemed thoughtfully designed, considering both occasional creators and industry giants.

However, amidst this symphony, there was a slight discordant note. While the platform’s voice modulation was genuinely revolutionary, some users might find the richness and diversity of voice options slightly limiting compared to a behemoth like PlayHT.


  • Emotional depth: the AI’s ability to interpret and deliver text with genuine emotion stands out.
  • Generative voice creation: a novel feature that allows for creating entirely new synthetic voices.
  • Multilingual support: catering to a global audience with 28 languages.


  • Voice variety: while rich in quality, the platform may offer fewer voices than some competitors.
  • Learning curve: the richness of features requires a bit of initial exploration to master fully.


Applications of celebrity AI voice generators?

The world of AI celebrity voice generators isn’t just about fun mimicry, it stretches across a spectrum of useful applications. Whether you’re in it for the chuckles, aiming to enhance your business, or seeking a personal touch, these tools have you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the standout uses:

  • Entertainment: at the forefront, these instruments are a goldmine for giggles! Fancy pulling a prank on a buddy or weaving a comedic voiceover for a personal video? Celebrity voice generators are your ticket to instant hilarity.
  • Business boost: seeking a distinctive voiceover for your brand video or a captivating greeting for your phone system? Leverage high-quality generators to impart a touch of Hollywood glam, making your enterprise sound irresistibly professional.
  • Personalized flair: ever wanted Shakespearean prose read in the sultry voice of your favorite star? Or a cherished song rendered in their unique melody? Voice generators let you customize content with that memorable celebrity touch.
  • Accessibility: beyond fun, there’s a functional side. For those visually impaired, such tools can transform written text into speech using famous voices, granting them access to content in a more relatable and entertaining manner.

Can I use celebrity AI voice generators for commercial projects?

While celebrity AI voice generators are fun and technologically impressive, using them commercially is tricky. Celebrities have rights to their likeness, including their voice. Using these imitations without permission can lead to legal issues and potential ethical concerns. If you’re considering this for a commercial endeavor, always consult legal advice and seek proper permissions. Tread carefully, it’s a sensitive domain.

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