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Master Beat Before or After Vocals

If during the creative process of development in the music field you have a question, should I master my beat before vocals – the answer will be that there is no clear order and it is best to do it at the same time!

The learning process will be much more lively and active if you do it at one time without delay. Your best bet would be to blend vocals with beat and hone them together. Likewise, mixing vocals and beat sounds will allow you to experiment, open up new boundaries and go beyond. It is also worth noting the process of creation, which will be many times more pleasant because of this mixing, because the boundaries open for a huge creative potential.

The vocal itself always sounds unique and therefore, opens up scope for imagination and creating unique combinations of effects. In addition, it is worth considering that if you mix everything together, the whole mix will sound more harmonious and completely without cutting your ears.

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