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The Ideal Bit Depth to Export

The simple question of what bit depth I should use to export has a very simple answer.

It is best to record and export at 24-bit bit depth since this particular configuration provides a better noise floor and dynamic range.

In any case, when working with these values, it is important to understand their essence and their actual mission. The sampling rate is used to indicate the number of samples that the audio file carries per second. In turn, the bit depth indicator displays the amplitude resolution of the audio files.

Regarding file size and weight, you should consider that the higher the sample rate and bit depth, the higher the resolution and the more it will weigh. In terms of dynamics, the more accurate the samples you make, the more accurate and quality they will match the analog sound source they are supposed to reproduce. A low bit depth gives a lower quality signal-to-noise ratio and cuts the file weight.

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