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Can A Bass Guitar VST Replace A Bass Guitarist?

Bass recording is not an easy task even for professionals, not to mention amateurs. While some people do not know how to use the instrument, others are just composing parts for a further recording by a professional, and someone has difficulties trying to find a talented bass guitar player. Fortunately, you can solve all the problems with the help of the bass guitar VST plugin.

Bass VSTs belong to the most popular virtual libraries among musicians. Keep in mind that the choice of high-quality bass libraries is quite limited, unlike the choice of virtual synthesizers, electric guitars, and drum kits. In this article, we will try to explain whether a bass guitar plugin can actually replace a real bass guitar.

Advantages of a bass guitar plugin

The invention of a bass guitar plugin has made music and sound creation available for many users. VST plugins do not only allow you to save time and money but give you a versatile choice of software and libraries for sound making.

Bass plugins imitate the sounds of a real bass guitar, and very often, they can be downloaded for free. If a bass guitar is one of the musical instruments in a mix of sounds, it can be easily replaced by a VST plugin, and the quality of the sound will remain the same, or in some cases, it can be even clearer.

Such software usually possesses several facilities which make high-grade audio. Since you can easily transfer the sounds to your computer, recording music turns out to be really effortless.
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A real bass guitar vs VST plugin

Even though bass guitar plugins have become popular among music makers, there are still some situations when a real bass guitar is needed. Representatives of some music genres like acoustic acts or rock groups still prefer the sound of a real bass guitar recorded through a microphone. While VST plugins have managed to replace a real bass guitarist in an audio recording studio, some jazz, blues, and country musicians choose a real instrument during their live performances.

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