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VladgSound Limiter No6 VST Plugin Review

VladgSound Limiter No6 review

In this paper, you will find a VladgSound Limiter No6 review. This plugin contains various indicators, knobs, and features that will let you fine-tune the volume and other aspects of your track.

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Kilohearts Limiter Snapin VST Plugin Review

Kilohearts Limiter Snapin

We present you with this Kilohearts Limiter Snapin review, where we break down this limiter in all detail. It is a compact, snapin-type plugin that will help you to increase the loudness without changing the transients too much.

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Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe VST Plugin Review

Devil-Loc Deluxe review

Today one can find the Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe review, where one checks all the necessary information about this sound amplifier. Using its features, one can add presence and tube-like warmth that amplify the perceived loudness of any material and get virtual headroom above digital maximum.

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Sonnox Oxford Inflator VST Plugin Review

Sonnox Oxford Inflator review

In this paper, we present you with our Sonnox Oxford Inflator review. This 64-bit devices compatible sound amplifier will be of good use to those who want to make their music louder, juicier, and deeper.

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TDR Limiter 6 GE VST Plugin Review

TDR Limiter 6 GE review

The TDR Limiter 6 GE is considered a modern sound processing tool using 6 dedicated modules. Often they can be placed in different orders to mix sounds.

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FabFilter Saturn 2 VST Plugin Review

FabFilter Saturn 2 review

Looking for a versatile sound distortion unit. You should check out the Saturn 2 model. The Saturn 2 FabFilter plugin is capable of reaching all known sound textures. You can set do anything for the desired sounds. Saturn 2 is capable of providing your music with a unique accompaniment.

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FabFilter Pro-L 2 VST Plugin Review

FabFilter Pro-L 2 review

To improve the quality of the mixes you create, you can use state-of-the-art equipment. One such auxiliary tool is FabFilter’s Pro-L 2. With it, your mixes will shine with new colors, and working on adding effects will be much easier. To help users we’ve created a FabFilter Pro-L 2 review.

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Creative Intent Temper VST Plugin Review

Creative Intent Temper

Creating contemporary music and want to infuse it with digital distortion? Then you need to take advantage of the Temper Creative Intent plugin. It’s a unique device that will enrich the sound of your creativity.

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Spectrasonics Trilian VST Plugin Review

Spectrasonics Trilian review

This is a Spectrasonics Trilian review, where we will tell you about all features and advantages of this plugin. Trilian is one of the most versatile digital bass guitars on the market, which is considered to be an industry standard.

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Softube Harmonics VST Plugin Review

Softube Harmonics review

Today we will discuss our Softube Harmonics review. With the help of this digital distortion emulator, your songs will be filled with juicy sounds. We will review such features as Dynamic Transient Control, 5 different distortion sound modes, drive & character controls, and many others that create deep, rich sound.

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iZotope Trash 2 VST Plugin Review

iZotope Trash 2 review

Here we present you our iZotope Trash 2 review – a flexible distortion modeler. With its help, even an inexperienced musician can distort, transform, and mangle the sound exactly how you see it.

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AudioThing Wave Box VST Plugin Review

AudioThing Wave Box review

We present you with an AudioThing Wave Box review, where we will scrutinize a dynamic dual waveshaper emulator. This plugin supports both symmetrical and asymmetrical distortion, which we will discuss in detail, and has 2 LFOs, 12 shaping functions, and a preset library with a randomizer function.

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Soundtoys Decapitator VST Plugin Review

Soundtoys Decapitator review

In this Soundtoys Decapitator review, we are going to discuss a digital recreation of the analog saturation modeler. This particular plugin will add that old-school analog vibe to your audio tracks, allow you to shape your songs with saturation, and improve the sound with the Punish button.

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U-he TyrellN6 VST Plugin Review

U-he TyrellN6 review

This is a u-he TyrellN6 review – a utilitarian synth emulator. It is built based on the vintage synthesizers, with a couple of modules, modern features, and analog sound.

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FAW SubLab VST Plugin Review

FAW SubLab review

Welcome to our FAW SubLab review of an intriguing 808 style synth emulator. If you use this bass instrument with an intuitive and eye-pleasing interface, you will produce audio tracks with impactful and punchy sub-bass lines in no time.

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DopeSONIX Bass Engine 2 VST Plugin Review

DopeSONIX Bass Engine 2 review

This is a DopeSONIX Bass Engine 2 review where we will scrutinize a masterpiece software in the Hip Hop production industry. Its library now includes those missing vintage analog instruments and other retro stuff.

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Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master VST Plugin Review

Loopmasters Bass Master review

Creating superb bass lines is no longer a big deal with Bass Master powered by Loopmasters. It is a sample-based plugin that can be applied to produce bass tones for any genre of music.

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TAL Bassline VST Plugin Review

TAL Bassline review

This is our TAL Bassline review, where we look into a digital bass synth based on an analog instrument whose specialty is various effects and acid or deep bass sound. The controls here repeat those of a physical synthesizer if you want to feel like using a real one.

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Arturia Mini V3 VST Plugin Review

Arturia Mini V3 review

We prepared this Arturia Mini V3 review to show you a legendary analog synthesizer that can produce vintage sound. With its help, you can choose between four parameters and make adjustments in real-time within the preset.

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